Romeo and Juliet  
Act Five (study guide)  


1. How does Romeo's dream, which he describes in his opening speech, compare with the news brought to him by Balthasar?

2. How does Romeo convince the apothecary to sell him poison?

3. What does he plan to do with the poison?


1. Explain the conversation between Friar Laurence and Friar John.

2. What does Friar Laurence now plan to do?


1. Why does Paris come to Juliet's burial place?

2. What happens when Romeo and Paris meet?

3. Romeo enters the tomb and sees Juliet. He takes the poison, and no sooner does Romeo die, than Friar Laurence comes along - but too late.

4. Complete this paraphrase of Friar Laurence's speech.
(lines 229-269)

I will be _________, for I don't expect to ________ long. Romeo and Juliet are ___________ and __________.  I ____________ them in ________, and that same day was _____________ killed and _____________ banished. Juliet pined for her bridegroom and not for _________.  You (Capulet) while trying to make her _________ promised her to _______ and would have ________ her to marry him. Then she came to me asking that I ___________ ___________ ___________ to prevent her second marriage, or she would have __________ herself right there in my cell. So I gave her a _________ ________ which was intended to make her ___________ _________. Meanwhile, I wrote a letter to _________ telling him to come __________ to take _________ from her borrowed grave when the potion __________ _____.  But Friar John, who was sent to _______ the ________, was detained and brought the letter back to me. So I came alone at the time when Juliet was to __________ _____ to take her from the vault and hide her in ______ ________ until I could send another ___________ to ___________.  When I got here, just a few minutes before _________ should awaken, I found both ________ and ___________ dead. Juliet woke up, and I tried to get her to leave.  I heard some __________ and was ___________ away, but Juliet would not _______ _______ _____. It seems that she _________ __________. This is the whole story, and Juliet's _________ also knew of the _____________.  If this is all my _________ let me be sacrificed to the full extent of the ______.

5. Describe the conclusion of the drama and explain how poetic Justice operates in the play.

6. What is Romeo and Juliet's tragic flaw? How does it lead to their destruction?


The entire course of action in this drama took place within five days. Starting with the first street brawl which occurred early Sunday morning, trace the day by day events of the drama. Use the PowerPoint template to create your timeline.